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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All About the Candy

I have always loved Halloween!  It was not really for the candy although it's a thrill to bring it home, sort it all, trade it, and see the variety that was given.  When we were kids, we just didn't eat much candy since it wasn't in our home much.  The costume was a thrill but that really wasn't it either.  My mom always dressed me in a homemade costume.  One year I was a TV complete with rabbit ear antennas.  Another year I was a Campbell's Soup can made from a cardboard tube from my dad's work.  We would spend hours painting, sewing, and putting together the costumes.  

It was a lot of fun but I really think the socialization that comes from going door to door was my favorite thing about Halloween.  I grew up on a farm so we didn't see people out and about much unless it was at church or a school event.  I loved the mystery of going to people's houses, being asked to come in and warm up, or given a special treat such as a cookie, popcorn ball, or a row of change taped together with Scotch tape so I could go buy a, "goodie" for myself down at The Farley Grocery Store.  I loved the welcomed feeling and people complimenting me on my costume.

Now that I have children we are to a stage in our lives where we have two teenagers and a six year-old.  It's still thrilling for my six year-old, my sixteen year old likes to hang out with his friends, but the thirteen year-old in torn.  I think of all the holidays, she loves this one the most.  She has always loved creating her own costumes and she really loves scary things.  She enjoys scary books and movies even though no one else in our house does.  It's just her thing.  She's at a point where she really does love trick or treating but she is afraid she is too old for that.  Not only is there the peer pressure of being too old but also the stigma of this being a holiday for little kids to enjoy because after all it's , "All about the candy". My thirteen year-old still has her Halloween candy, Christmas stocking candy, and Easter candy holed away because she's really not into candy all that much.  It's the thrill of being creative by making her own costume, going door to door, and just being together as a town celebrating.  It's the thrill of being out after dark together and being a little scared of the unknown in the dark.  It's the riding the hayrack ride together laughing and having a good time.  It's that last event before winter settles on us in the Midwest where we are all together having a good time.

As Hallween is upon us, please remember these teenagers and what Halloween may mean to some of them when handing out candy.  I will have about 20 at my house since we live in town and trick or treating in our town is just a lot of fun!  Some of them aren't there just for your sweets so be patient with them when they act silly or even a little crazy. It's the excitement of the holiday and being together with friends and neighbors.  They are still little kids at heart, kind of like this mom is a little kid at heart at Halloween too. It's just not, "All about the candy!"