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Monday, August 3, 2015

Glamping; The New Glamour In Camping

Does the thought of camping sound like so much fun until you start shopping for supplies, loading all the supplies which takes half a day, have to go to the bathroom in the weeds, and spend way too much on camping supplies to realize you don't want to go back?  My sister and her friends just went Glamping, it's the new camping.  What is Glamping you say?  It's camping made glamorous.
This quaint little farm in Paola, Kansas is all about creating an inviting atmosphere for campers old and young alike.  Brenda and Steve are the owners of Hoot Owl Hill and go to great lengths to make you feel right at home while glamping on this charming little farm.  
 You are served a gourmet dinner and breakfast, no one goes hungry here.  

There are vintage style tents to greet you and quilts that look like grandmas.  You feel like you are walking into an English meadow when you arrive.

The bedding is bright yet homey and oh so comfortable the girls noted.
The air mattresses ensure you won't be sleeping on the bumpy ground and that creepy crawlies won't be right under your sleeping bag.  
Aren't these quilts just fabulous?

As the sun starts to go down, they will have a campfire ready for you.  You can listen to the music, crickets, coyotes howl or maybe even a hoot owl while enjoying conversation around the campfire.  Some of the best stories are told around a campfire, wouldn't you agree?

You can bring your own adult beverages and hang your bottle on the tree.   All the cares go away with a few best girlsfriends and a couple bottles of wine.  Just a couple, wink! 

The gardens are full of beautiful flowers, birds, butterflies, fruits and vegetables. 

There's a gift shop you can purchase memorabilia from your trip.

There's ducks and guineas to keep you company and to remind you that you are glamping.  If you've never heard a guinea, you've never really experienced a true welcoming committee!

Everywhere you look, it just screams charming!

You can also stay in one of their indoor rooms if you'd like.  There's more about that on their web site.

Take a morning stroll in one of the meditation gardens. 

If you need to wash up, there is a sink with hot and cold water.  There's also a clean porta potty to use.  What a relief to not have to go in the weeds!  No one wants a chigger bite on their tush!

Head on over to Hoot Owl Hill's web site and read all about Glamping.   It's perfect for a girl's night out or a way to get the family out in the wide open spaces without all the work!  After all, a night out under the stars should be relaxing and fun!  Drop me a line if you give it a try!

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