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Refinishing Furniture

DIY Chalk Paint Table
I finished the table tonight with DIY made chalk paint.  
See recipe here...
As you can see, I've used this paint before.  The can is well loved!  I made black and off white chalk paint because I use these colors a lot.  This Dutch Boy paint is from Menards and is the medium grade/cost paint.  As you can see one is a satin finish and one an eggshell.  Really I prefer satin paint to have just a hint of shine and not completely dull but you could always go with a satin polyurethane and get the same results.

 These were the original colors of the table.  I just freshened up the colors and covered the scuff marks.  I also sanded the top.  It is a laminate top I think but I wanted to make sure the paint stuck to it and it did but then again it's chalk paint and did you know chalk paint sticks to just about anything?
 As you can see the table top turned out really well!I barely paint any paint on my brush, just enough to cover it so it wouldn't leave brush marks.  If you are concerned about brush marks, you can always apply the paint with a non piling rag.  That works well too.
I got this table from the curb and love the legs on it even though it's got a cheap laminate top.  Laminate isn't the most popular material these days but I can tell you it is definitely durable.
The chair is still sticky but not as bad as the weekend.  I'm still holding out hope it will dry.  

I haven't painting the white on the chairs yet.  I'm waiting to see if the vinyl dries completely.  I hate to get rid of the table without the chairs since they all go together.  Hopefully my next post will show you the finished project all together including non-sticky chairs.

DIY Fail or Still a Work in Progress

Look at this charming little table and chairs I picked up off the side of the road in the college town we live near.  A student and her dad were carrying this to the curb.  I asked if they were up for grabs and they said, "Yes, go for it!"  I was thrilled because the wheels in my head started turning a mile a minute.
I peeled back the fabric covers and could see the 70's avocado green beneath the fabric. The fabric covers weren't all that bad but they were attached with velcro and once I lifted them up they were very dirty so I got them all off and realized the vinyl was sticky.  I scrubbed all the vinyl down really well until it didn't seem as sticky anymore.
 As you can see it was as shiny so it felt a lot better.  I'm sure there were years of gunk and grime on them.
I did some research on painting vinyl chairs and saw several people had used spray paint for plastic.  I picked up the Rustoleum at Mernards and went to town painting the vinyl this awesome sea foam color!

I did the seats first then the backs.  It's been really hot and humid here in the midwest so I was up really early working on this.

I removed the seats completely because the fabric was wrapped and stapled under the seats.  They were held on with four screws so an easy removal.

I taped all the white off on the chairs.  After I finished painting them I realized they weren't drying very quickly and it was starting to get hot outside.  I thought since the humidity was climbing it was slowing the proces.

After a whole day by the fan, the chairs were still sticky.  

This is day two and and there's a day three by the fan inside the air conditioning.  The chairs are still sticky.  The paint isn't dripping off but it most certainly is sticky to the touch.  No one is going to want to sit on these.  

I have read a couple of troubleshooting posts about texting vinyl which I hadn't read before painting.  I should have used sand paper to rough up the surface some.  I also should have used some sort of  degreaser like Krud Kutter to cut down on the shiny surface and deep clean the textured vinyl.  
I'm not giving up on these cute little chairs just yet but am definitely going to have to come up with a Plan B for them.  Until I find a solution, here is where they are staying for now.

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