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Thrift Store/Estate Sales Fixer Uppers

My husband and I visited an estate sale this weekend.  It was total madness, one of the busiest ones I've been to.  As I was fighting my way through the crowd on the second day, (half price day) I came across this.  It was on top of the refrigerator of all places.  I say just, "this" because I really have no idea what it is, a trashcan, a planter, what is it?  I don't know what to call it but I like the geometric design in it.  

I am not a lover of brass.  When we bought our house it was full of brass, brass hinges, brass light fixtures, antique brass handles.  I do not like brass in my house so I decided to change it with a little spray paint.  

I took it apart and decided to spray some silver paint on it.  

I like how it looks much better.  The brass was tired looking, this gives it that pop I was looking for.  If I did have gold in my house, that would have brightened it up too.

For now, I've put it on top of our TV bookshelves.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it but for now it makes a statement right there.

I am a lover of green especially Granny Smith Apple Green.  I love the color and have pops of it throughout my house as well as in my curtains.  I ran across a couple of things at Goodwill yesterday that were screaming my name.  

These metal basket planters were so cute!  They were pale yellow to start with.  I added a little Rustoleum spray paint and now they are that perfect color of green I've been looking for.  
Now that they're finished, I think they look perfect on my front porch!

I also found this little charming clock for $0.99.  Yes, it was ninety-nine cents.  I snatched it up.  I originally planned on putting it in my classroom because I have a bird theme going on there and I also have this color green in classroom, imagine that.   I cleaned it and put a battery in it and it works!  I set it on our TV cabinet and that might be where it stays.  I think it looks so cute with the other green items.  It fits right in!

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