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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back To School Photo Ideas

Here are some of my favorite Back To School photo ideas compiled.  If you click on the individual pictures, it will take you to the source.   

My baby is starting kindergarten this year.  It's definitely going to be bittersweet.  At the same time my oldest just bought his first truck and has his license.  This mom has some mixed emotions going on this year!  I share this one because it describes exactly how I'm going to be feeling this year.  
I tried this sign out and it's super easy to use.  You'll have to download the fonts she used in order for it to look like hers.  Just send it over to Staples or any other other store that will print 16 X 20 for you.  How easy is that?

I thought I would include this option for busy moms.  You simply take a digital picture, upload it into your computer and add a text box with your child's information and print it out.  

This isn't the greatest quality picture but this would be super easy to make.  You can get letters at any teacher supply store, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.  Get an old frame from a thrift store, spray paint it, and glue gun the letters on.  Find a bright wall that's not busy behind your child and you've got a custom looking photo.

This picture is quite charming.  They just drew a "K" on the sidewalk and took a picture of their child on it and added, "indergarten" with a text box within the picture.  This is one I'm thinking of using, super cute!

I added this picture for comic relief.  Many moms feel this way maybe just for a little while.  I just look at it and laugh.  I'm ready for my kids to go back to school because they want to see their friends again.  The madness is getting ready to start, I'm a teacher so summer break is over, I have a sophomore starting football and fall baseball, an 8th grader starting cheerleading at football and playing volleyball and my baby starting kindergarten.  When your mother tells you to enjoy the little moments, they'll be gone before you know.  You'd better listen and believe it!

This is a cute scrapbooking option for the first/last day of school option.  I used to have time to scrapbook but I just don't anymore.  This could also be done in photo editing software.  I have been using Instaframe and Instasize on my iPad and it works well.  Photoshop is always a good option too!

This site has the Back to School signs.  I like how she did it on a path in the woods.  

This site has a tutorial on how to do this picture.  It is super cute and helpful!

I added this one because I thought it would work well for moms at my school.  We have gigantic ABC pillars holding the awning up as you walk up to my school.  Ya, they are really cool!  Once again, this is just taking the pictures and adding a text box on the picture.

This is my daughter's first/last day of preschool sign I made last year.  I used a large scroll sign from Hobby Lobby and glow marker on it.  

I included this graphic for you to see.  I used this two years ago for my daughter's first day of preschool shirt.  It was adorable!  You buy the graphic and print it on fabric transfer paper.  You then just iron it on a shirt.
This is a picture of my daughter's shirt.  She wore it all year long.  I also made her a shirt, "E is for Emmie" I found on Etsy.  We got tons of compliments on this shirt!

There you have it, some of the cutest ideas I have found!  Good luck to everyone on your first day of school.  I hope it goes smoothly and you remember to take all those neat pictures and come back and share them with all of us!

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