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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reminiscing In My Hometown

I was recently back in my hometown visiting and went downtown to visit the shops and admire the architecture.  It may seem strange that I went to visit the shops in Weston, Missouri but even though I grew up there, I didn't grow up in town.  I grew up in an Antebellum home on a farm outside of Weston.  Most of the shops that were there when I was a child are gone although some have hung on through the years.  The shops continue to change and evolve.  Every once in a while I do like to go back and reminisce on the streets that I walked so many times more as a teenager than as a young child whether it be having a vanilla coke at the soda fountain, getting a tire fixed at the local garage or going with my dad to the tobacco sales barn to sell our tobacco. 
Weston is a town of many hills.  They are steep and cut to the Missouri river banks although the river shifted during history and no longer is at the bottom of the town.  Much of Weston's history can be found in the Weston Historical Museum.  
 As you can see it shows the traditional brick building that is so prominant in Weston.  

This town has a rich history for tobacco, orchards, and river trade.  I won't bore you with a history lesson but it is a historic town and that's what gives Weston it's charm.

 There are several Bed & Breakfasts in Weston to stay at that are not only beautiful but I hear are very accomodating and welcoming.  Since my parents live right down the road, I have never stayed at one.  The Benner House is right at the top of Main Street and a quick walk to downtown.  It is also the most colorful Bed & Breakfast in town that has a picket fence that welcomes you that says, "Come on in and stay a while"! 

Here is the view from The Benner House at the top of Main Street.  As you can see, it has many historic buildings and is pretty busy.  I encountered many couples both young and older going in and out of the shops and restaurants.  

Bricks sidewalks peek through here and there in town as well as a few brick streets still remain in town.  

This fence is in front of someone's house that has a brick patio, no yard.  What you will see in Weston is most of the original houses built in town and therefore they are built very close together.  

This is the bell in front of the Methodist church.  It's really quite neat.  

As you can see, it's a very old building as well.  

Here is a view in the middle of Main Street downtown.  

Most of the buildings have welcome signs and/or benches out front for people to sit and visit.

The street lamps are in the style of the early times.  As you can see, there are many American flags hung in front of the buildings.  

This is the McCormick Store from McCormick liquor.  The distillery is down the road and has big changes coming.  You can check out my sister's web site for those details; Socialwrx.  She'll be sharing the details as they come available soon!

You can get a sample of their whiskey and McCormick memorabilia.  I worked at the McCormick distillery in high school giving tours of the whiskey sheds.  It really is a neat place right outside of town.  

 I love the wrought iron on this building.  I'd love to come back and buy this building someday and have my antique store/boutique!

 Weston has a nice city park althogh it was completely flooded this spring after a heavy rain.  

This is one of my favorite houses in town.  It's across town by the high school.  I drove by it everyday on my way to high school.  I always wanted to live there when I was younger.  The picket fence makes it feel like home!

 I just had to take a picture of my high school.  I have such fond memories of going to school here.  It was much smaller and where the pillars are, that was a lawn with a parking lot where the sign is.  Right out front, I painted the streets for homecoming which is a long standing tradition.

 The Weston Bed and Breakfast is right across the street from the high school across town from Main Street Weston, Mo.  It's huge front porch with wicker chairs and beatiful landscaping make it a stand out on the main drag.
The Weston Select Bed and Breakfast is on one of the hilly streets in Weston.  It is up the street from another Bed & Breakfast and is very clean and has a large yard.  It is also for sale along with the house behind it, I'm assuming where the residents live.  Not only is this beautiful, you should see the house behind it that is for sale.  It's newer but really awesome too! 

The Murphy House Bed and Breakfast has it all, wrap around porch, landscape gallor, character, and a really beautiful paint job.  Of all the Bed & Breakfasts I saw, this one looks like a really creative person runs it or lives here!

There are many brick and stone walls in town, ivy growing up walls and house/chimneys, and old world charm throughout town.  

The Weston Brewing Company and O'Malleys Pub are a block from Main Street.  

O'Malley's Pub is really old!  It's a hotspot for St. Patricks Day.  The sunken pub definitely makes you feel like you are in an Irish pub in Ireland!

 This is the McCormick Distillery sign outside of town.  It sets back in the woods with a long driveway.  

This was one of the houses I loved as a child too!  It has a long, tree lined drive to it.  

This was the house my dad grew up in.  I really couldn't get a very good picture of it.  It's along a pretty busy highway that leads to the backway into town so I couldn't really park to get a picture.  I remember going in the front door and looking up a winding staircase that reminds me of, "Gone With the Wind."  It really was a neat house!  I'd love to go back and tour it or even buy it back someday!
If you are a lover of history, love architecture, shopping for antiques or in quaint little shops, and see it all within walking distance of two to three blocks, you'll love Weston, Mo.  The best times to visit are the Weston Homes Tours in December or the Applefest in October.  There are other smaller events that happen throughout the year.  Just visit the website http://westonmo.com/  so you'll know of any upcoming events.   It's on the list of the 17 Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns in Missouri and it's right down the road from Parkville, Mo which made number one on the list.   I hope you visit my hometown where everyone that visits is made to feel at home!

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