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Friday, July 31, 2015

Brassy to Sassy

I may or may not have taken this out of someone's trash.  I will never reveal my secrets.  It was so shiny and pretty.  It was calling out, "Save me, save me"!
This was going to be my project today.  I was going to take some pretty step by step pictures but my daughter beat me to it.  I didn't even know where it went until I stepped out onto my front porch to see this in the yard.  I believe that was a hint she may want this for her room.  
I'll provide prettier pictures when it's done and hanging in her room.  
Yes, she painted the brass chandelier white.  We plan on also making a fabric wrap for the chain it's hanging from.  There's more to come I promise.  Until then, I can already see the transformation.  It's going to be sassy!

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