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Thursday, September 10, 2015

May We Remember

Photo courtesy of We Will Never Forget 9-11

On this day let us remember the way we all felt.  I'm sure it varies but in a way we are all the same.  I was teaching kindergarten.  I remember going to the school's library to watch live coverage of something unusual happening with a plane, it hit a building.  Then that feeling when we all realized something was very wrong with what we were watching.  As the word spread it was instant fear.  Fear for the children in my class, fear for my two year-old at the daycare, fear for what was to come next, and fear for what the world was coming to.  As the teachers in the room popped in and out to get updates, we looked at each other in disbelief.  We cried together and hugged each other while feeling helpless and in dismay.  We locked our doors, parents came to pick up their children, and share the latest updates.  How could this happen?  Our beloved country was under attack.
Let us also remember the togetherness we felt.  We wanted to be close, to be united, to protect the children as teachers, felt close to the parents of our classroom children, we shared our desire to be with our loved ones, and questioned what the future was going to be like.  There was a sense of unity with us all as I'm sure there was in New York as well as all around the nation.
May we as a country remember that it didn't matter what social status you had, your wealth, or the color of your skin.  We were all Americans together in this tragedy wanting answers and preparing for more danger knowing we were all going into this as a united front.  We were going to rebuild, we were going to love our neighbor, and people got down on their knees and thanked the Lord for their safety.  It brought out the best in us whether we want to admit it or not amidst a terrible tragedy.  We were being Americans together.
So on this day may we remember America the great, to love one another like there's no tomorrow, and praise God for this day and every other day forward as we remember the fallen heroes that have given it to us!

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