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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memories of Sixteen

Today my oldest turns sixteen.  I am still in shock that I have a sixteeen year-old.  As I thought back last night making this collage of pictures of Tucker, I think back over the years about that little boy I held in my arms so long ago, who could sit for hours doing a puzzle with me, was always hauling books from his room saying, "Let's read a book", or bouncing a ball off the furniture, off the walls, into the trashcan and giggling.  He learned to walk chasing after a ball.

He's always been that kid that has a certain magnetism to him.  He's a lover of babies and animals, they have always gravitated to him. He has also always had the gift for being able to relate to the older generations too.  He has sat for hours listening to a World War II vet talk about his life, and widow share her stories of her life and past life with her late husband, or share his time with others.

Tucker is a kid that wears his heart on his sleeve whether it be for his family members, sticking up for a friend, or sharing wins and losses with his team.  I have watched so many football clips, "Mom, watch this play", "Mom look at this guy tackle", had a little tear in his eye as he watched the legend Derek Jeter in his, "Respect" video, listening to Al Picino's speech in, "Any Given Sunday" about being a team, westerns, "John Wayne is the greatest cowboy that ever lived" and many worms, toads, special rocks, and stray kittens have been brought home through the years.  His excitement for working under the hood of his truck, a big Friday night football game, or a gathering of 10 of his friends shooting hoops in our driveway until after dark or playing frisbee golf at the pool.  There's just something about raising a boy that touches a mother's heart.  It's different is so many ways as he becomes more like his dad and needs his mama less and less in his everyday adventures.

I have reflected back on it because as he grows I see the well rounded young man I had hoped he would be, confident yet a huge tenderheart, a hard worker, and tough when he needs to be and tender when the situation arises.  He still shares his feelings with me whether it's getting a good grade or a not so good grade, his highs and lows on the baseball field, and trying to figure out the teenage girl, good luck with that one Tuck!

There is something different about a relationship between a mother and son that is so unique in it's own way.  I used to read the book, "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch to Tucker before bed.  I always used to think how strange this book was while reading it, a mother driving across town to rock her grown son but it really doesn't seem that strange now.  Not that I'm going to sneak into Tucker's room and rock him but it is a feeling a mother still has no matter how old or big he's become. I suppose it's a mother's love to share those little moments but also to let him go as he becomes a man. So on this day of sixteen, I will hold onto that birthday hug I gave Tucker this morning, that big grin when he see's the huge banana boat dessert he gets tonight for his birthday, and the swelling of his chest when he receives his State Baseball Championship ring for his birthday present knowing that these little moments will be gone all too soon but still remain as memories tucked away from the last sixteen years.

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