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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sticky Buns

 These are the before pictures.  Dark green, marbled vinyl back and seats with dirty black covers on them.
A few weeks ago I wrote about painting vinyl chairs with Rustoleum spray paint for plastic.  The chairs turned out super sticky and I couldn't figure out why since I had read other tutorials of people using the same spray paint on vinyl.  I came to the conclusion that my vinyl wasn't smooth, it was more textured and they had been kitchen chairs at one time, a college student's kitchen chairs.  They probably hadn't had a good cleaning for years.  Even though I had scrubbed them thoroughly, it hadn't done much good.  I also wrote about a product called, "Krud Kutter" but what I soon found out about Krud Kutter is that when used on latex paint, it will cut through that too.  I didn't want to take all the paint off, I just wanted them to be smooth not sticky.  I couldn't live with the thought of selling these to someone who would end up with sticky buns.
One of my DIY friends told me that Polyurethane might cut that sticky residue and to try a little bit on the underneath of the chair.  I had pondered and researched for three weeks before trying it and sure enough it worked.  I tried it on all four chairs and the next morning they weren't sticky anymore.  I was so relieved.  I had worked on this project and wanted to sell it to a young college girl or someone that didn't need a huge table and chairs but loved the color turquoise.  I had finally found the answer and this project was going to get done.  
 Here you'll see the back done on one of the chairs.  Since I used a semi-gloss polyurethane, they are super shiny which goes perfect with the chalk paint I used on the legs.

 Here is a chair completely finished, all ready to go.
I think they turned out so cute, I'm just tickled.  If my daughter weren't just an 8th grader, I'd save these for her first college apartment!  I'm happy these beauties are done and no one is going to have sticky buns!

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